Why StoreHippo is the best B2B Ecommerce platform for Wholesale Businesses?

Abhishek Aggarwal
4 min readSep 3, 2020


Why choose StoreHippo B2B ecommerce platform

Nowadays, one simply cannot ignore the contributions of B2B ecommerce solutions to our present-day economy, especially after the emergence of more recent innovations and developments.

And it doesn’t stop there. Many advanced features are being added to the platform on a regular basis (even as we speak). Because of which, businesses all over are performing seamless trading activities including import and export.

However, despite its vastness, Business to Business ecommerce is still a wild frontier with a fragmented space and a plethora of available platforms to choose from.

And with such a large variety and availability of B2B ecommerce platforms, finding the right platform to solidify your wholesale business is no easy task. You need to look out for one with high-end features allowing your customers to make business purchases in rewarding ways. Luckily for you, StoreHippo is one such platform that seems to fit in quite well.

How? Let’s find out.

StoreHippo customization

StoreHippo helps you showcase your business’s branding and identity. How? By letting you customize the look and feel of your site according to your business’s brand design guidelines.

For example, StoreHippo allows you not only to customize your logo and help create different colour schemes but also enables you to place vital company information. Moreover, you can easily create additional pages such as ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Discount page’ on your B2B ecommerce platform so as to stay consistent with your brand aesthetics.

Personalized catalogues and pricing

StoreHippo customization doesn’t stop with website design but goes as far as to include customizing product offerings and pricing lists, and that too on an individual level.

This includes showing or hiding products based on different customer types besides creating unique customer discounts not only on an individual level but also for different scenarios such as free shipping on orders exceeding a certain order value.

In short, StoreHippo offers you an innovative B2B ecommerce solution tailor a personalized customer experience for your customers, thus helping them shop with ease and efficiency.

Order management

We know how critical order management rules are for the wholesale trade. That’s why StoreHippo supports a variety of order rules that are highly effective for your business.

For example, StoreHippo allows you to-

  • Set minimum order quantities for each product.
  • Offers your customers the ability to order in multiples of X.
  • Set different cut-off times for your products depending on your business requirements.
  • Ensure your customers meet a certain amount of their total order value before making a purchase.
  • Mobile friendly

You aren’t thinking of running your B2B ecommerce platform without a smartphone, are you?

Of course, not. And neither does StoreHippo, which is why it comes with responsive web design to help you create a single website that can be accessed across multiple devices. It does so with the help of fluid grids and flexible images that automatically resize the content and design elements of your store in order to fit the screen regardless of its size.

Plus, StoreHippo also offers ready-to-use mobile-optimized themes which are not only attractive and responsive but also comes with tons of designs and functionalities to further enhance your B2B ecommerce solution.

Detailed product page

Another feature StoreHippo provides you is the ability to showcase your product photos along with displaying key information. And by key information, we mean all the information they need to make up their mind, every single major and minor detail.

This includes information regarding product description, product’s weight, product’s variants, product’s dimension and product quantities. Believe us, your customers will appreciate all this information.

Multiple payment methods

One of your top priorities as an owner of a B2B ecommerce platform is to have a smooth payment process for your business buyers. And StoreHippo doesn’t disappoint you here either. You get multiple payment options such as PayPal, DirectPay, CitrusPay, CCAvenue, Paytm etc.

Besides this, your customers also get the option to pay through Net Banking, Credit and Debit cards, Bank Transfers and Prepaid Wallets. And to ensure the security of your customers personal and financial data, you get SSL certificate as well. All in all, you get a much better deal shaking hands with StoreHippo.

Integration with CRM, accounting and shipping applications

Lastly, we all understand the importance of integrating our B2B ecommerce solution with our existing work applications (such as shipping and accounting).

StoreHippo helps by allowing you to sync your Business to Business ecommerce portal to other systems you use. This helps you by reducing manual entry, preventing duplicate entries and above all, streamlining your workflow.

Putting it together:

StoreHippo, as you must have guessed by now, is one of the comprehensive ecommerce platforms that offer huge opportunities to its business aspirants and professionals through its wide range of features.

These features include everything from displaying your entire product catalogue online to creating customized price lists to enabling your customers to buy at a single click. And guess what, it only takes a few minutes to set your B2B ecommerce platform all up and you can start your business in no time.

Reach out to us today to avail a 14 day free trial period today!



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