Top 5 Gym Equipment Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

Abhishek Aggarwal
5 min readSep 22, 2021


India’s youth is becoming increasingly aware about fitness, exercising, and self-care. Add to that the easy accessibility of gym coaching and gym equipment, and we have a huge population of people working out at home and maintaining the pink of health. Not only the youth, but even the older population is getting highly inclined towards fitness and is looking for ways to maintain it.

For users such as these, there are many sports/gym product manufacturers and sellers in India offering a wide range of products for exercising such as treadmills, weights, resistance bands, and so on. Some of these even offer consultations and mentoring sessions to guide beginners in starting with their fitness journey.

Here, we are listing the top 5 gym equipment marketplaces in India where you’ll get almost everything you need related to fitness and sports

1. Decathlon sports India

Launched in India in 2013, Decathlon has become the number one brand for sports products in India in the last few years. By opening interactive showrooms where customers can play and try on the equipment to their hearts’ content, Decathlon has gained a lot of love from people of all age groups. From sportswear to indoor and outdoor sports products, water sports gear, gym products, and camping gear, Decathlon has it all, available both online and offline.

2. Viva fitness

Viva Fitness is a famous multi vendor marketplace for fitness products in India. It has been selling products in the country for many decades now. It sells sports products in more than 100 countries all over the world, making it one of the world leaders in gym and sports products. Viva Fitness offers a variety of gym machines and other items, from treadmills and weights to dumbbell racks and utility benches. Other offerings of Viva Fitness are after-sales services and equipment repairs.

3. Cosco

Cosco is an Indian sports and gym equipment manufacturer based in Delhi. It is a commonly known name among cricket lovers in India, be it children or adults. Founded in 1980, Cosco offers equipment for sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, handball, cricket, tennis, rackets, table tennis, and skating. Today, Cosco has an ecommerce marketplace that sells sports, health, and fitness products of international standards all over the country.

4. Nortus fitness

Nortus Fitness is a multi vendor marketplace in India that sells a range of cardio and strength training equipment for exercises like bicep curl, shoulder press, leg extension, treadmills, bikes, and even steam and sauna products. It has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that uses the latest machinery and technology to build excellent gym machines. In existence since the last three decades, Nortus Fitness has gained a reputation of trust in India.

5. Fitness world

Fitness World entered the gym equipment market in India in 1993 with the launch of a slimming machine. Today, after 2.5 decades of existence, Fitness World has become a preferred destination for both commercial and home gym gear. Products such as treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, gym stations, benches, water rower, and much more can be bought on its online marketplace. Moreover, the group has built 9000+ commercial gyms across India in the last 25 years.

The sports equipment industry in India has always seen a profitable market, owing to the continuously high demand of sports and gym equipment in the country. The ecommerce market was given a special boost when the COVID pandemic struck the country and people couldn’t go out to gym and clubs. They decided to order these items online and exercise and play at home instead. As a result, the fitness ecommerce industry saw a massive rise in the revenue post lockdown.

This increased online demand for sports products has opened up new opportunities for fitness ecommerce. For those who are planning to open a sports and gym products store online, this is the right time. Today, there are numerous ecommerce platforms that can help them build multi vendor marketplaces from scratch.

Here are a few features that you must look for in an ecommerce platform

1. High performance

In today’s competitive world, it is of utmost importance for a marketplace website to be high-performing and fast-loading. Moreover, it should be able to handle increased traffic during peak seasons without affecting the performance. This is where scalability comes into picture. The ecommerce platform you choose should be scalable so that your marketplace app grows with the growth of your business.

2. Customizability

Today, there are multiple ecommerce platforms offering turnkey ecommerce solutions to help you build your online store with ease. However, one very important factor to consider is whether the platform allows you to customize your website. The ability to customize will allow you to set themes and features that can reflect your brand identity and values.

3. Mobile-friendliness

If you’re going to build a new multi vendor marketplace, it is highly recommended that you build a mobile-friendly one. Today, ecommerce brands gain most of their revenue from mobile purchases. Choose an ecommerce that lets you build PWA sites that function like a mobile app when opened in a browser. Also see if it lets you build a mobile app separately too.

4. Vendor-friendly

A vendor-friendly ecommerce platform can go a long way in smooth functioning of your multi vendor marketplace website. Therefore, make sure the platform you choose offers features such as a vendor dashboard, vendor pages, marketing tools, and others to help them manage their operations independently. It should allow them to get an overview of their whole business such as order summary, sales report, best-selling products, etc. at a single place.

5. Integrated shipping

Shipping is the second leg of any ecommerce business. As a marketplace owner, the easier you make it for your vendors to ship their products, the more your business will grow. Therefore, try to choose an ecommerce platform that comes with the integrated shipping feature so that orders could be closed as quickly as possible.


The fitness ecommerce industry in India is on a steady rise with the constant increase in the demand for fitness and gym equipment all through the country. This has opened up terrific opportunities for fitness professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to step into fitness ecommerce and achieve success. If you too wish to open a fitness/gym items store, choose an ecommerce platform considering the above-mentioned factors and get started right away. Another thing you must remember is to take a free trial of the chosen ecommerce platform to make yourself acquainted with the features offered by it. This will allow you to check whether the ecommerce platform is right for your business or not.



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