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6 shopify Plus Apps to Ace Your marketing

When you are running a huge online operation be it a wholesale business or a B2B marketplace, you need to attract traffic and visitors to get ahead. Increased traffic leads to better conversions and more revenue. But it all doesn’t happen overnight and organically. Even your Shopify Plus powered B2B online store needs certain steps to get ahead.

Just to be clear, the point of this is not to focus on digital marketing, but ecommerce marketing.

Digital marketing and Ecommerce marketing is different

Yeah, don’t get confused between the two. E-com marketing is different than digital marketing. Digital marketing helps you bring a customer to your online store, but ecommerce marketing helps you make sales.

So even if you have made those efforts to attract people to your Shopify Plus powered B2B marketplace, there still are some steps you need to take to sell.

What does e-com marketing entail?

But first, what are some important steps ecommerce marketing actually entail? The List goes something like this-

  • Social Media Marketing — Here you show off the product and its features in an appealing way. Your use of imagery drives attention and traffic to your product pages. You can also create shoppable posts that let your users buy items right away.
  • Content Marketing — When you are selling online, you can use video content and guest posts to showcase your products.
  • Search Engine Marketing — This involves pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or product-specific ecommerce ad campaigns. You can pay other websites to advertise your products on their sites.
  • Email Marketing — Cool thing about this is that you can automate it and successfully target your consumer base regarding the lines of products they are into.
  • Post-Purchase Follow Up — You can simply shoot a follow-up email after the product is delivered. This helps in gauging consumer’s future interest in your product line.
  • The Abandoned Shopping Cart — Connect with the buyer to diagnose the problem and preserve their interests. This makes the real difference between procurement and a lost client.

These steps run parallel to digital marketing but the strategy used to employ these measures are different.

There are a lot of plugins in the Shopify app store that can help you take care of the aforementioned steps. Your Shopify Plus subscription lets you enjoy seamless backend features to run your large scale business smoothly. But to enhance that experience and generate more conversion and sales you need to take extra measures.

You might have creative ideas, but those ideas are not enough on their own. You need an effective strategy and potent tools too. You can use ecommerce marketing to promote your online store or you can apply it to push more sales for explicit products. Below is an overview of a few Shopify Plus apps that you can use.

Conversio Marketing Automation

Staying connected to your buyers or potential clients is an important measure to keep up with their needs and demands. Consumer engagement is important as highly engaged customers buy repeatedly, spread word of mouth, and show more loyalty. If you are looking for a good MailChimp alternative, Conversio doesn’t disappoint. They even have flexible pricing to match your existing MailChimp subscription. Conversio helps users guarantee to effectively interact with customers throughout their entire ecommerce journey. They provide you with features like newsletters, receipts, highlighting positive reviews, mailers for abandoned carts, posting reviews and receive feedback via email.

With personalized email marketing and on-site social proof, Conversio is the easiest way for growing ecommerce brands to drive conversions and increase revenue.

Price: Starts at $20/month

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is much easier than building your own company and creating your own products. You could simply rely on special entities who are into promoting products for you. Pick a suitable entity to get your products closer to buyers. Talking about some useful Shopify Plus apps, this one helps you grow your network of ambassadors for an effective affiliate marketing campaign. Exploit multi-level marketing to speed up your sales. It’s a win-win for all the entities involved. Your affiliate will only be paid if they help you sell something. It’s not much of a downside.

It’s an ‘easy to use’ app with a user-friendly interface that gives you total control over your affiliate campaigns.

Price: Free

Reviews, Loyalty, Wishlist, +

This is another app that can help you to minimize your lost ecommerce sales. Not only that, but it can also aid you in building a better brand image and customer loyalty. With ‘Reviews, Loyalty, Wishlist, +’ you can reach your audience and engage them accordingly. You can also build customer loyalty by rewarding them with loyalty credits. This boosts your conversions with ease.

Another important feature it has to offer is that it can help you create shoppable galleries on Instagram. Its interface is pretty easy to use and you can simply access all features at one dashboard.

Price: It’s free to install with very basic features but for more, their plan starts at $119/month.

Plug in SEO

When you are running an ecommerce store, the main concern becomes about driving traffic to your website. If your SEO ranking is higher and website well-indexed, then the chances of getting that traffic gets higher. ‘Plugin SEO’ is super easy to set up and can easily optimize your websites SEO. Getting organic traffic will be easy with its usage. They follow Google’s SEO practices to enhance your sales.

They have many templates readymade which can make your life easy in optimizing your store’s SEO rankings.

Price: They have a ‘Free’ plan with basic features but if you want more, their ‘Plus’ plan costs only $20/month.

Consistent Cart

It’s common knowledge that abandoned carts can cost your ecommerce business thousands of dollars every month. When a customer just abandons his cart on your store, you only get a small window to regain his attention.

Consistent Cart offers all in one multi-channel marketing solution. Since its launch, Consistent Cart claims to have recovered over $120M in sales and counting. They have professional crafted cart recovery emails, new account creation emails, and engaging special occasion emails such as birthday wishes or festivals. These emails take less than a few minutes to set up. Everything runs automatically in the background.

Price: Their ‘Pro’ plan with full features cost $29/month.

Outfy — Social Media Promotion

Today, social media plays a crucial role in an ecommerce business to put itself out in the eyes of consumers. If you are launching a new product in the market then social media is an efficient way to get your audience’s attention.

Outfy helps you to increase your business’s social media reach by promoting your products on different social media networks. You can reach thousands of potential customers with ease. With customizable theme templates and automatic post sharing, it makes social media management very easy.

Price: They have a ‘Starter’ pack for Free and go up to $30/month.


Online businesses have a bunch of marketing tools at their disposal, but that’s not enough. You can browse through tons of Shopify Plus apps but you need to use them the right way. With the right and sound strategy, your marketing campaigns can help your online store attract customers and grow better. Companies often spend a ton of money on marketing and not all the time they find any success.

All you have to do is be smart and in touch with the niche you are targeting. Ecommerce marketing is a compelling tool that can be used to elevate any online retailer, wholesaler, or organization that deals with any kind of trade.

If you think Shopify or Shopify Plus is not the platform for you, there are many other suitable alternatives you can try. Most of them even provide many important B2B features integrated and don’t even require additional plugins. Look them up, sign up for their trial version to see for yourself.



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