Benefits of Having An Enterprise Ecommerce Online Store

Abhishek Aggarwal
6 min readMar 12, 2020


There is no doubt that e-commerce is influencing the way of doing business . In this digital era where customers check websites first to check information about any product, having an online presence is more of a necessity than choice for businesses. Over 90% of B2B customers prefer to shop online and of course, that is leading many businesses to go online.

It is the time for you to understand where your customers are and how to enable them to reach you in the easiest manner.

Today’s modern enterprise ecommerce solutions are not only selling online but managing end-to-end business. Online sales is not only required for selling products but also, to influence the buying habits of customers through personalization, branding, mobile responsiveness and a lot more. In fact, a survey conducted by Forrester confirmed that the appetite of B2B buyers for digital ordering is increasing and more than 70% of the B2B buyers prefer buying from a website than buying from a sales representative.

The increasingly powerful digital experiences of customers are causing many B2B businesses to panic and most of them are realizing that ecommerce solutions and robust digital offerings are becoming mandatory. Of course, it drives revenues, but it is also about enabling your customers and you team to be efficient.

Enterprise Ecommerce Defined

Enterprise businesses have a myriad of e-commerce tasks and deals with many business complexities like huge volume of orders, different languages, multiple currencies etc. And an e-commerce software is the glue that handles all these challenges and holds your company together. After all, it is not only a platform that manages your online orders but also engages your customers and helps in running the business successfully. Let’s understand some of the core benefits of an enterprise ecommerce platform.

Benefits of having an Enterprise ecommerce website

Multi-site capabilities

Launching a co-branded online store is now easier with the right platform. The “one size fits all” approach does not work when you want to cater to different audience segments and don’t want to miss out on any potential sales. This strategy works perfectly for the online businesses that opt to have multiple stores for specific audience groups. With the multi-site capabilities, you can showcase your products in alternate currencies or languages as per the customer needs.

Improved sales engagement

The launch of an e-commerce store will also benefit your physical sales team. Enterprise ecommerce solution helps in improving the visibility of orders, prices, customer profile to your sales team. They can access key details while working remotely or on the road as it supports high-end flexibility.

Better business insights

Evaluation of your campaigns plays an important role in improvising the marketing and promotion strategies. Through these platforms that integrate high-end analytics, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your sales and promotional campaigns, inventory turns, product mix, customer engagement etc. This helps you reap value from your data.

Next level brand awareness

Businesses need to be recognized in the competitive online world. With the help of your online store, you can make your wholesale brand popular and recognised. It provides advanced inbuilt features like optimized themes, blog features, sitemap generation, product page URLs, and much more to make your website searchable on the web. The pre-integrated social media tools like Google online tracking allows you to level up the brand awareness on multiple digital channels. Don’t rely only on your marketing team, instead enterprise ecommerce solution focuses on cross-departmental marketing efforts and provides exceptional results.

Customer-centric experience

The exceptional customer experience is the topmost requirement of a website because every customer has high expectations whether they are shopping for pleasure or business. An ecommerce platform certainly helps in improved experiences of online buyers by providing rich content, intuitive designs, and interactive functionalities like live chat, and much more. You can also drive personalized content to cater to specific customer needs, and the ecommerce automation also enables you to make the online ordering experience simpler and better.

Reduces cost in many ways

Yes, this is one of the primary reasons why every second business is going online. Basically, when you are using the platform, your total ownership cost reduces as the efficiency of your team improves big time. The inbuilt tools and features for automation, marketing, customer acquisition and retention handles end-to-end business processes. An enterprise ecommerce solution covers it all you need to sell online.

Streamlined order fulfilment

Are you tired of managing order delays and returns? With a dedicated platform, the order and logistics related concerns are taken care of without any hassles. It manages the whole lifecycle of order fulfilment with an integrated logistics solution. An integrated logistics ser

StoreHippo makes it even easier to handle the logistics of your enterprise ecommerce platform.

Enhanced team efficiency

With integrated security, data management, and flexibility, your team can work faster and smarter than ever. You can grow the potential of your business by driving huge volume of orders, more customers, streamlined business operations, and much more. With the innovative features, StoreHippo is all set to drive your online business forward.

What it does?

Liked the concept? Don’t rush into reviewing different platforms without understanding your business needs. Before you decide about the ecommerce solution right away, you should research internally and figure out your specific business requirements. It is vital to gather your requirements and then, look for the most compatible platform –

What is your main business objective of an ecommerce website?

It is important to figure out and define the objectives behind developing a site. Are you looking forward to increasing returns? Do you want to reduce costs? Do you need a platform that integrates well with the third-party service providers? Do you want to operate a multi-store website and work with multiple vendors or providers? Do you want better conversion rates? Do you want to provide a better and user-friendly interface to your customers? Well, an enterprise ecommerce platform gives you much more.

What are the bottlenecks in the existing selling platform?

If you are satisfied with your existing platform, you would not have been here. Now, it is the right time to outline specific pain points of the current business platform. Some of the pain points include:

  • Unreliable unstable, outdated platform for handling the peak website traffic
  • Unforeseen IT maintenance costs and increased overall cost of ownership
  • Non-integration of key information with your existing platform with your existing platform
  • Unsecured website transactions and order payments
  • Heavy reliance on hosting company
  • What are the feature requirements or needs?

Despite so many pain points, you are running an online business and it is important to make a note of specific features required in the new enterprise ecommerce platform. Like catalog or product requirements, native subscriptions, payment integrations, merchandising features, multi-store, selling on social media channels or other channels, specific page building functionality? Don’t forget to include your preferred list of items that are the must-haves to improve your business operations and make it better than ever before.

What innovation are you expecting in ecommerce solution?

Like personalization, advanced inventory management, customer segmentation, advanced marketing and promotion engine, more control over the sales process? At this stage, it is also important to know where do you want your online business to take? Take out a good time to consider your future goals and plans in context to features, innovation and integration on your platform as the online businesses are evolving at a very high pace.

What Next?

Hope it is clear now that your business can no longer afford to delay online presence. You need a solution that doesn’t interfere with your existing customer base, corporate identity, and support the business processes. In other words, you need to take a leap towards an enterprise ecommerce solution. Schedule a FREE consultation with us to understand the best suitable plan for your business.



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