6 Best Shopify Plus Apps To Boost E-commerce Sales

Abhishek Aggarwal
7 min readJan 2, 2020
Shopify Apps subscription trend

Guess how many apps are there in the Shopify app store. It’s OK to take a shot in the dark. Well to answer the question, there is a total of 2,671 apps from 1,471 different developers (as of April 2019).

Were you close? If yes, then you might have spent a lot of time browsing through it. You might have invested quite a lot in your online store to make it right and give it rich features. Odds are you might have paid good money for those plugins.

Shopify Apps subscription trend graph presentation
Shopify Apps subscription trend

There are free apps but most of them provide very basic ecommerce features and help. And for Shopify Plus users running a large scale enterprise, basic just won’t cut it. When you invest in your business, you expect returns. It becomes a necessity for big enterprises to bring in business regularly and gain new customers continuously. Extra measures are needed for such circumstances.

So how does a large scale business maintain its sales? How can you focus on making continuous sales? What steps can you take to ensure it? Well, it’s not easy. Following are some of the steps that normally can help you boost your ecommerce sales -

  • You can target your existing consumer base. Keep track of their activities on your platform and then take advantage of the right opportunity.
  • Come up with targeted timed offers and promotions to make your buyers rush into a purchase.
  • Showcase your best products along with their reviews. These products can be the best selling you have or the product you want to push.
  • Quick support and resolution of queries is the backbone of customer retention. If you get back to your customer who is reaching out to you, that helps with your image.
  • Loyalty and Referral programs go a long way in customer retention and attracting new buyers.
  • Customer/Buyer ecommerce experience matters the most. Every visitor on your online store is a potential consumer. Based on the experience navigating and handling your site, they might as well buy something.
  • Keep the checkout process as smooth and fluent as possible. Checkout is where the conversion is confirmed. This stage better not give your buyers any hard time.

Picking the Right kind of Tools

Shopify doesn’t only give you the platform to build your business online, but it also gives you the tools to help you with the aforementioned steps. Shopify app store has the right solutions for your Shopify/Shopify Plus powered store. All you have to do is invest some time in finding the right solution to increase your sales.

So if you are looking to boost your sales and conversions, here are some Shopify Plus apps that can be useful for your enterprise.

1) Omnisend Marketing Automation

Omnisend is a versatile marketing automation tool that helps you sell more. You can connect with your buyers with custom messages and boost your sales. They also provide you with a wide variety of signup forms and newsletters. It has an easy-to-use editor to edit messages and emails to make your work easy. Their 24/7 support is at your disposal at all times. With additional features to lure customers like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and post-purchase interaction, your ecommerce sales will surely grow.

Price: It has a ‘Free’ plan but for full features to support an enterprise, you need to shell out $2000/month. Other plans are $16/month and $199/month.

Watch out though: Despite the positive feedback of the app, there are still some issues persisting towards the ease of use of themes and customizing them. More in-depth customizations may cost you more money than you might have prepared for. Do proper homework before finally paying for it.

2) Quick View by Secomapp

You know that customer experience on your website needs to be smooth and interactive. Quick View offers your customers the chosen product’s full preview of the product. Not only that, it even gives them the option of purchasing it by adding it to cart right in the popup. You can even design the popup and Quick View button. Quick View reduces the customer’s shopping time and brings a better ecommerce experience, and boost sales.

Price: It has a ‘Free’ plan with basic features but if you want to exploit its unlimited features, that plan costs $49.99/month.

Watch out though: There have been UX-related complaints from the clients as the free version has a lot of ad pop-ups which can be very annoying. Users also noticed that many of its themes weren’t even mobile-responsive. That’s a big turn-off. Maybe look for alternatives with better features or try ecommerce platforms with such features integrated.

3) Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Don’t you feel happy when you get some free store credits or additional discounts when you have been shopping at your favourite online store? You can allow your customers to feel the same excitement. Smile is one of the most popular ecommerce rewards platforms in the world. Apart from normal features, it lets you create various mobile-friendly programs that is equally appealing, fun and motivating by rewarding your customers with points, VIP status, and referral bonuses. You can even create custom actions on their API for custom and different rewards.

Price: It has a ‘Free’ plan. For full features, they have a ‘Pro’ plan $599/month. Other plans cost $49/month, $199/month.

Watch out though: UX and speed of this app have been criticised by users and there are a lot of other limitations such as no multilingual. If looking for an alternative, try to look for other such apps or platforms with such features.

4) Judge.me Product Reviews

Product reviews help create a sense of transparency in the eyes of the consumer. Judge.me Product Reviews is a product review plugin in the Shopify app store that’s good for boosting traffic to your website. It also engages with buyers by sending them review requests after the purchase they make. Judge.me also allows reviews of grouped products. It’s refined and functional with fast load time.

It helps with SEO, sales and conversions because of its usage of HTML and CSS stored directly in Shopify meta fields. It’s easy to set up and install too.

Price: It has 2 plans. ‘Free’ and ‘Awesome’ which costs $15/month.

Watch out though: There are some issues with the fluidity in the functioning of apps resulting in UX and security related vulnerabilities. If looking for a second opinion, then try to scope and try other apps in a similar category.

5) Tidio Live Chat

Live chat is a very effective way to engage with a visitor on your website and try to convert him into a buyer. Tidio provides functionalities of multiple Shopify Plus apps such as live chat, chatbots, messenger, and email in one place. If you want to cut down on the time that it takes to communicate with your customers, this is the tool to look out for. While you connect with the buyer, at the same time you can also boost sales and satisfaction by doing so in real-time. It also has iOS and Android features to keep your customer conversations fluid across all devices.

Price: Their ‘Basic’ plan is free. Their other plans ‘Communicator’, ’Chatbots’ cost $15/month.

Watch out though: There are not many issues with this app. Users just hope the interface could be more intuitive and fluent. It’s not that big of a deal. Still, you can scope out more alternatives and try them out if it is too much for your taste.

6) Metrilo Growth Platform

If you want to grow your ecommerce brand without extra expenditure on ads, Metrilo is a decent option. Metrilo blends analytics, client database, and integrated email to help you optimize your marketing, drive relevant engagement and repeat sales.

The analytics monitor performance in real-time. You can also optimize marketing channels, spending patterns, and conversion funnels. You can enhance your revenue by assessing the customer database. It gives you a complete idea of the customer journey and experience. The integrated email uses all aggregated data for highly customized and punctual campaigns. It’s easy to integrate with Shopify and simple to use too.

Price: It starts at $119/month. Other plans cost $199/month,$299/month.

Watch out though: Again, This app has more friends than foes. Not many issues that need any kind of fixing. It just can be a little pricey for small businesses. Still, if price is an issue, you can scope out cheaper alternatives and try them out.


Well, here it is. These apps are quite useful to help boost your ecommerce sales but these apps are not enough. You need to be smart while using them and come up with a mix of strategies to get the best ROI.

If you think your business isn’t doing well or the sales are stagnant for a certain time period, don’t panic. Keep calm, your business won’t go down under in a day. Don’t aggressively target new clients at this time period. Focus on customer satisfaction, support. Connect with your existing consumer base and try to figure out the root cause of your dipping sales. You will get a genuine insight on where your business is lagging.

Most of these apps have trial periods where you can easily check them out to test their features and functionalities. Get started, contact their support teams to get a deeper understanding of these plugins. If using multiple apps gets out of your budgetary scope, you can also look for alternatives that are economic. Try to look for ecommerce platforms that can give you the features of these apps integrated with subscription you pay for.



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