5 Top Multi Vendor Marketplaces In UAE

Abhishek Aggarwal
6 min readMar 22, 2021
Best Multi Vendor Marketplaces in The UAE

Did you know that the UAE is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in the world? From household essentials to luxury products such as designer wear and even cars, ecommerce is BIG here! The value of e-commerce sales is estimated to grow to $27.08 million by 2022, according to a report by Statista as more and more users are switching to the online mode of shopping each day. There are hundreds of ecommerce websites and multi vendor marketplaces that have led to the massive growth of ecommerce in the region. In this blog.

The top 5 marketplaces in the UAE

1. Amazon.ae

Amazon is a household name whether you live in the UAE, the US, India or any other part of the world. This multi vendor marketplace offers products in categories like electronics, kitchen essentials, books, equipment, furniture and almost everything else. Low prices, a huge inventory, and excellent customer service has made it a popular ecommerce destination in the UAE.

2. Dubizzle.com

Dubizzle is an online classifieds website that not just lists products for sale, but jobs, skills, space, etc. as well. It is a part of the OLX group. Launched at Dubai in 2005, Dubizzle has gained immense popularity in the UAE as a platform where users can sell and buy anything, even cars and apartments! You can choose between a free or paid ad as per your requirement. Its mobile app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

3. Aliexpress.com

Alibaba is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. It is a Chinese multi vendor marketplace with a USP of selling products at cheap prices. It offers a wide range of products from apparel and beauty to home equipment, electronics, etc. and is one of the biggest marketplaces functional in the UAE.

4. Mumzworld.com

Mumzworld is a leading ecommerce marketplace in the UAE offering a huge range of products related to mothers, babies, and children. It sells products from maternity wear to food, toys, clothing, bath essentials, school items, diapers, and almost everything related to moms and children.

5. Groupon.ae

Groupon is a unique multi vendor marketplace that has a different model than others. Originated in America, this marketplace website has gained popularity in the UAE as a platform that allows consumers to find local merchants on the web. However, its USP is the daily ‘group’ discounts and deals it offers on activities, travel, goods, and services in the UAE.

These are the top ecommerce marketplaces in the UAE. Though all of these have a different business structure, what is common among them is their excellence in the ecommerce space. If you have a similar vision and a business idea, and wish to start an ecommerce business, the first step is to look for the best marketplace builder in the UAE.

If you’re worried about how to choose the right ecommerce builder for your business, give up the worry as this blog will guide you on how to find one.

The most important features of a multi vendor ecommerce store

1. Vendor dashboards

What is a multi vendor marketplace without separate dashboards for each vendor? The best ecommerce platforms are the ones that give their vendors the independence to conduct and manage their business on their own. Whether it is related to managing orders, keeping a check on stock availability, managing shipping, or keeping an overview of the sales figures, a vendor dashboard would provide all the features at one place and empower them to grow the business.

2. Seller pages

Credibility is a big factor for every seller. Oftentimes, when customers develop trust on one seller at a multi vendor marketplace, they tend to buy more products from the same vendor. Seller pages are a handy tool in such cases that would allow the customers to explore the profile of different sellers.

For sellers, it is a useful feature that they can use to attract the attention of different customers. They can update their profile on this page and list all the categories of products that they are selling. The best ecommerce websites give their vendors this freedom and thus become a preferred choice of marketplace for them.

3. Approval flow

As a business owner, it would be important for you to have a control over the products that are sold at your store. For the owner of a multi vendor marketplace, it is important to keep a check on the activity of different vendors. A good marketplace builder platform would allow the store admin to approve or reject the products sold on the website, keep a check on their price, set a limit to the order quantity, etc. In short, the admin gets complete control over vendor activity.

4. Commission and payments

Commissions can’t be compromised on, right? And this is why, when you build an ecommerce marketplace, you must choose the best marketplace builder that has an excellent commission set up. Whether you have a fixed or percentage-based commission structure, it should allow you to get the right amount of commission on each sale. Also, it is understandable that the commission rules could be different for different vendors. A good ecommerce platform would automatically calculate the commission from each vendor even when the customers buy products from multiple vendors in the same order.

5. Admin dashboard

As the owner of a multi vendor marketplace, you would require regular insights on the everyday business on your store. Whether it is the number of sales or the amount of revenue generated, business statistics play an important role in planning out the way forward. A good ecommerce platform would allow its users to have an overview of the business at any time they require, right from the admin dashboard. Moreover, it would allow them to analyze the performance of different vendors at the store or find the best-selling products, etc.

6. Order management

Order management is the core of the whole sales cycle for any business, from placing of the order to payments and feedback after delivery. The smoothness of the order management process is what gives one company an upper hand over others. Therefore, if you are building a multi vendor marketplace, it is imperative that you choose an ecommerce platform that offers you efficient order management tools to perform functions to generate and print invoices, mark the status of the order, etc.

7. Shipping management

Shipping is an integral part of any ecommerce business. The easier the shipping process is for the vendors, the more preferred is the ecommerce platform. The best marketplace builder would offer the sellers ultimate ease of conducting and managing business. It would allow them ship orders, mark shipped orders, etc. at the click of a few buttons. Now isn’t that a big plus?

8. Vendor comparison

As customers, we try to choose the best product in terms of price and quality. For a lot of customers, the time taken for delivery is also a very important parameter as they may require the product on an urgent basis. And sometimes, we find a particular seller simply more credible than the others.

A very useful tool for a multi seller store to help its customers make the right choice is ‘vendor comparison’. This feature helps the users compare the same product from different vendors and make a satisfying purchase. The best marketplace builders in the UAE offer this feature so that customer satisfaction comes easily to you.

Final word

These are some of the most important features of an ecommerce marketplace. If you wish to start an ecommerce business, choose a platform that offers you these features. One of the best ways to explore an ecommerce platform is by taking a free trial that allows you to explore these features.



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