5 Advanced Features that make the Best Software for Ecommerce

Abhishek Aggarwal
4 min readDec 15, 2020
Cutting edge features of the best software for ecommerce

A good online solution can be the answer for a successful business, especially when there are so many online shops, marketplaces and enterprises spiking every now and then.

But what could define the best software for ecommerce? In a way, a solution that is way beyond the basic capabilities and functionalities and helps you grow your business efficiently.

Like for instance, most of these options offer a mobile responsive theme, but how many are built with the mobile-first approach? Similarly, most of them help you integrate with third-party tools. But do they ensure the negligible need for additional plug-ins?

Ideally, your preference should be a platform equipped with technologically advanced features designed for customer satisfaction.

Do you agree? If yes, then let’s scroll down and take a look at the :

5 advanced features that make the best software for ecommerce

1. Support for all kinds of business needs

Different businesses have varied needs and processes. Understandably, a platform meant to support a retail storefront might not have enough tools to help grow a wholesale business or a marketplace.

It is quite possible that what began as an online store might turn into a marketplace like Amazon or eBay, someday. In this case, you need an online store builder that caters to all kinds of business models.

StoreHippo ecommerce system provides straight-through features using which you can create multiple business models or run multiple models simultaneously. Some of these include;

  • Content Management System for enhanced user-experience
  • Efficient content delivery network for superior performance
  • M-commerce edge for simplified navigation across all devices
  • Custom features to tweak business flow as per need
  • Easy integrations across multiple tools without additional plug-ins

2. Excellent migration support

Most entrepreneurs would want to avoid replatforming at all costs considering the time, efforts and amount that goes behind this process. Also, there is a constant fear of losing or leakage of sensitive customer data.

However, replatforming becomes necessary when your existing ecommerce system does not help you to scale, has become redundant or is insufficient to cope up with modern trends.

It is necessary that the new platform you choose allows you to easily migrate on it and is equipped with easy DIY features to help you access everything on the go as StoreHippo does. The future-ready technology of this platform comes with;

  • Fully-hosted cloud-based solution with 99.99% uptime
  • Feature-rich dashboards
  • User-friendly backends
  • Relief from software upgrades
  • No hidden costs for additional plug-ins

3. Responsive website themes

One of the sure-shot features of the best software for ecommerce is its easy-to-use, in-built designs and themes.

Have you ever felt that the majority of the online stores have a similar look and feel? This is because most of the solutions they are built on hardly offer an option of customised design themes.

Customising your theme using different tools helps to give your store a unique look. StoreHippo provides a rich theme library to help you create appealing storefronts. With StoreHippo, ecommerce system you can easily;

  • Access different themes for a variety of business verticals
  • Drag and drop different designs elements of your liking
  • Switch between various themes
  • Mix and match two or more themes to create the desired appeal

4. End-to-end order management system

In an online business, you and your customer share the same objective: to move the product from customers’ order page to their doorstep, quickly and efficiently.

To make this possible, your business must be equipped with an efficient and flexible order management system. This is also quite necessary to cope up with the modern buyer expectations and burgeoning competition.

Order management of the best software for ecommerce goes beyond delivery promises and discount options. The efficiency to track inventory across all channels in a seamless way is important for a streamlined flow.

Do you know that 43% of small businesses do not take inventory management seriously? Also, manual mistakes account for 46% of inventory mismanagement. To avoid all this, StoreHippo offers;

5. Discount Engine

Discounts! That’s one thing that always works with customers across all business models. It helps to boost your sales and bring more new or existing customers to your storefront.

However, discounts need to be given strategically to gain maximum ROI out of your marketing strategy. You need a powerful discount engine to help you create time-specific discounts, order specific deals and more.

The best software for ecommerce, StoreHippo offers you unique tools and features such as;

  • Rule engine to define discount rules and simplify promotions
  • Coupon codes for flash sales
  • Bulk import and export of discount codes and coupons

A leap ahead with StoreHippo ecommerce system

A successful online business does not come easy. It needs a full-proof strategy which includes the use of present-day features to make your online journey more sustainable and worthy.

StoreHippo online platform offers you a gamut of features along with some of the most advanced tools to enable you to withstand the current demands. Check out all its features and claims with a 14-day free trial store or get in touch at reachus@storehippo.com



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