10 Must-have Features in your Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Abhishek Aggarwal
6 min readAug 5, 2020
Essential Mobile apps Features

It is not only the shopping purpose which ecommerce mobile apps serve. Now they are more like a lifestyle choice. There are many users out there who spend at least two hours of their day browsing shopping apps to know about the new launches.

So yes, apart from serving the purpose of comfortable shopping experience these apps help the users in adding reviews, discussing their complaints and also to send products as a gift to their loved ones with no extra cost.

The urge for choosing the best mobile ecommerce solution by businesses would make the prediction of over 50% ecommerce sales through mobile by 2021 true (Source). Still, there is a lot of market which is left unexplored. This is a reason most businesses are now going mobile to provide the best and most comfortable shopping experience.

But there is one more report which should be considered while you go for ecommerce mobile apps as a choice to explore the business possibilities. Research says that only 12% of customers find it convenient shopping on a mobile. The small phone screens, the inconvenient viewing could be the reasons for this. This clearly says that still there is a lot of room for improvement. Features of ecommerce mobile apps can drag back interest of customers.

There are many ecommerce apps that sell almost the same product. The only thing that brings a difference in the usage of the app is the features. Good features increase the user-friendliness and this convenience brings good traffic to the app. If you are looking for the best mobile ecommerce solution, then here are the features that you should not ignore.

Best 10 Features to Include in ecommerce Mobile Apps

1) Easy Registration

If you don’t want to annoy your customers then you should provide them with an easy registration process. If your registration process would be difficult, then your competitors would try to impress your prospect customers with their easy registration. If you don’t want to lose your potential client, then it is better to make the registration process as simple as possible.

There are many ecommerce mobile apps that provide social media login. In this way, customers could easily log in from their social media accounts and in case they have any concern they can share it on social media platforms.

2) Multiple Payment Options

If you wish to provide the best mobile ecommerce solution then try to provide ease of payment to your customers. You should integrate multiple payment options in the app. In this way, your users would not have limited choice for purchasing anything.

Apart from this, try to inculcate secure payment gateways in your app to gain customer trust. If you wish to acquire domestic and international clients then it is necessary to go with global payment options like PayPal.

3) Push Notification

One feature of ecommerce mobile apps that has the full capacity to drive sales is push notification. It helps you in advertising your new launches, products, offers and discounts at no extra cost. It is a constant reminder about your business to the customers.

As the information about sales and offers is conveyed to the customers through push notification, this lures them to visit the app and make some purchase.

4) Custom Branding

Mobile app is the identity of your business. Make sure it has your brand logo and also the color theme of your mobile app matches with your business logo theme. This would work as a custom branding approach for your business.

One thing which you have to ensure always is whether it is iOS or Android app make sure you choose the best mobile ecommerce solution that would give you a brand recognition.

5) Social Media Integration

In the present time and age, social media has become our routine. Our day starts with scrolling on social media news feed and ends chatting on social sites. In such a situation where most of the ecommerce mobile apps are on social media, it becomes mandatory to integrate the platforms in the app.

This would help the users to access your site easily and apart from this, if they like anything they can share it on their social media account which would give you free publicity. With this, reviews shared on social accounts are also valuable and help in acquiring a good brand image.

6) Great User Experience

We have already mentioned this point in the beginning of the article. If you wish to remain in the competition where everyone else is selling the same thing that you have then you need to change your approach to get business.

With great user experience in your app you can do that. It is one of the best mobile ecommerce solutions that you can provide your customers. Give them an ease in finding things, easy navigation, easy filters, multiple payment options, easy sharing link, etc. Great user experience will make them come to your app more often and they would recommend it in their circle.

7) Google Analytics

Every business needs an analysis. Demands and supply should always be calculated and the same should happen with ecommerce mobile apps. The ecommerce mobile apps should be linked with Google analytics.

This would tell you about the products which are sold the most, time users are spending on the app, time at which most of the users are coming to the app and the locality from where you are getting most of the visitors. You can also know about a customer’s behaviour through Google analytics and can accordingly set your next marketing strategy.

8) Rating & Feedback

Transparency is always appreciated when customers are doing shopping from a virtual medium. Your core business value should be to provide the best mobile ecommerce solution and this would come with the ratings and feedback options. Be open to the positive and negative reviews.

Let the customers discuss your product on social platforms, let them share their views. This would generate the authenticity of your brand and would make the users trust the app for their next purchase.

9) Wish list Button

When you don’t have the intention to buy anything but taking an idea about products then it is called window shopping. And the same happens in ecommerce mobile apps. There are many users who do not have the intention to buy something in the present time, but they can get back to the product later.

To make their journey of getting back to the product smooth, add the wish list button in the app. With the button, users can easily save the product for later and get it at their comfortable time. It is a feature which is liked and appreciated by most of the users.

10) Easy Checkout

Do you know that single click payment has become the mobile commerce trend now-days? This is a good point that you can add in your endeavor of providing the best mobile ecommerce solution.

This feature is much connected with human psychology. If they would need more time to purchase anything, then there are chances that they would lose their interest in the product. If you wish to retain their interest in your app, then ensure you give the most convenient checkout option to them.

Bottom Line

There are many ecommerce mobile apps available in the Play store and Apple Store. If you want to provide out of the box solution to your customers so that your brand should get good recognition then ensure you have the features which are mentioned above. From easy registration to quick checkout, your users have many expectations from you. You should try to come up with their expectations through the best mobile ecommerce solution.

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